Monday, November 11, 2013

Lest We Forget...

I have seen this video a handful of times today, and it still makes me cry every single time. My Pappy Floyd (my dad's dad) fought in World War II and was presumed killed at Normandy. I never knew him, and neither did my dad...but I am thankful for his sacrifice. I am thankful for everyone who served. Those still with us and those who were lost, and those whose lives have been forever changed with injuries both physical and emotional. I am not sure we thank them enough. Let us never take those still here for granted and let us never forget those who didn't have those special homecomings with their families.
I took this picture at Arlington National Cemetery when we visited in 2007. It was a very somber experience to walk among all those graves. I felt both sadness and gratitude.

In Canada today is Remembrance Day, set aside to remember those we have lost. In the United States today is Veterans Day, which honors all those who have served. To both I humbly and respectfully thank you. 

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